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Mo Duk 武德 - Rules for Hung Gar Kuen


In traditional martial arts there are certain "rules" for social interaction. These rules were set up directly by the monks of Shaolin and Wu Dang monastary or from the leading masters of the various kung fu systems. According to these rules the students has been selected, weather they are worthy to learn the kung fu style. The new students were first instructed by an advanced student, while the master watching their behavior. Only when the new student pass this "examination", he was accepted and personaly instructed by the master.

This rules are known as Mo Duk 武德 (= kanton Dialect "Marial Arts moral virtue"; mandarin Dialect "Wu De").


These moral principles are inseperable linked to the traditional chinese martial arts.



Follow the rules and show discipline


Develop a sense of order and justice, respect your parents and your master


Be polite and kind to your follow students, help and support them 


Keep a high moral character, avoid bad thoughts


Practice diligently and conscientiously. Never place yourself against your kung fu


Be peaceful and patient, avoid unnecessary conflicts


Be friendly and kind to all people


Protect the weak and support the peace with your martial arts skills


Never forget from whom you have learned your kung fu


Honor the founders and always remember your master and his teachings




Other rules were written by the legendary Hung Gar Kuen Master Wong Fei Hung 黃飛鴻. They are essential for students from BO CHI LAM.


Original note from Master Wong Fei Hung (around the year 1900)


Respect the founder, your teacher and his teachings


First learn humanity and justice, then learn kung fu


After you learned kung fu use it only for self defense


A true hero never oppress other people


If you meet a man who has no honor, don't teach him your art, even if he offer you 10.000 gold pieces


Even if he is related to you, don't teach him


If this man not related to you, but he is a man of honor and justice, so you can teach him


After you have completed the Hung Gar style even a useless stone will be a peace of gold for you



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