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Hung Kuen (Hung Gar Kuen 洪家拳)

Hung Kuen (Hung Gar Kung Fu) is an old southern chinese kung fu style with roots in the Shaolin (Siu Lam)-Temple. It has also influences of the principles of Wu Dang martial arts (soft style of white crane). 

The herbalist Hung Hei Guan (Hung Xi Guan) combined the Shaolin Tiger techniques (Siu Lam Fok Fu Kuen 少林伏虎拳) and soft principles of the white Crane (Bak Hok Kuen 白鹤拳) together and developed the Hung Gar Kung Fu Style.

Therefore the Hung Gar Kuen is also known as Tiger and Crane Boxing 虎鶴雙形. The characteristic techniques from the tiger and the crane of this style according to the concept of Yin and Yang (Yam/Yeung 陰 / 陽).

Hung Gar Kuen also includes Five Animals, which called Five Animal Boxing 五形拳:


- Tiger 虎

- Crane 鶴

- Leopard 豹

- Snake 蛇

- Dragon 龍

However, Hung Kuen is much more. Among these Five Animals Hung Gar Kuen also teaches the technique of the Five Elements 五形拳 (Wood 木, Fire 火, Earth 土, Metal 金, Water 水) and the 12 Bridge Hands (Sap Yi Kiu Sao 十二橋手).

Representativ for the Hung-Style are the strong arm techniques (Kiu Sao - bridge hands) as well as solid and strong positions.

Hung Gar Kung Fu also teaches the use of different weapons.

The main weapons are: Butterfly Sword "Wu Dip Seung Do" 蝴蝶雙刀 (called "Ji Mo Seung Do" 子母雙刀), Long Stick "Guan" 單頭棍 (called "Ng Long Bat Gua Guan" 五郎八卦棍) and Tiger Fork "Fu Pa" 虎耙 (called "Yiu Gar Dai Pa" 瑤家大耙).


Traditional training structur of Hung Gar Kuen (according to GM Huynh Lu Yang):

- Shaolin basic techniques (Siu Lam Hung Kuen) 少林洪拳

- Tiger- and Crane Boxing and the theory of Yin/Yang principles (Fu Hok Seung Ying Kuen) 虎鶴雙形

- Five Animal Boxing and its principles (Ng Ying Kuen) 五形拳

- Principles of the Five Element Boxing (Ng Hang Kuen) 五行拳

- Energy work Tit Sin Hei Gong 鐵線氣功 and fighting concepts of 12 bridge hands (Sap Yi Kiu Sao 十二橋手)

But this style is not only a martial art, but also an ideal system for maintaining a healthy body. The movements and deep breathing exercises that are taught in various forms are suitable for young and old, ideal for physical education and improve health.


Benefits of Hung Gar Kuen:

- Strengthening the body muscles

- Strengthen of the entire bone structur

- Physical fitness

- Improvement of breathing

- Better blood circulation and Qi supply of individual organs

- Self-confidence

- Improve flexibility and coordination


- Hung Gar Kuen is a very effectiv self-defense and fighting system



The Master 師傅

The Head Instructor Sifu Hagen Bluck (Sifu Han) is a studied teacher for physical education and he has learning various martial arts since his childhood. His first teacher was his father who teached him western boxing and wrestling when he was 8. When Sifu Han was 12 years old he practised Karate (Goju Ryu) and Taekwondo. In 1985 he studied Shaolin Kung Fu, Choy Lei Fut and Wing Chun Kuen (Wong Shun Leung Lineage). Later in 1988 he starts with Hung Gar Kung Fu (Chiu Kao, Chiu Chi Ling Lineage) in Hong Kong. In 1994 to 1997 he was invited as first non-chinese to study in a traditional chinese School. There he was introduced in chinese history, kulture, Arts and in chinese language (also writing). In this school he gets his chinese Name "Fu Han Gen" 傅漢根. In 1994 he meets Grandmaster Huynh Lu Yang which introduced him to the traditional Hung Kuen from the old Wong Sai Wing Lineage (Malaysia). In the same year the Hung Gar Kuen Martial Arts Association was founded. GM Huynh Lu Yang appointed Sifu Han in 1999 to his successor and he became the President of the Hung Gar Kuen Martial Arts Association Germany. In 2005 Sifu Han was appointed to the World Hung Gar Ambasador for his promotion of Wong Fei Hung Kung Fu and spirit from GM Chiu Chi Ling. Sifu Han is a Member of many several well-known martial arts associations and is recognized as an international referee for traditional kung fu. Sifu Han gained his experience in more than 20 years of practise and at the work as Policeofficer and in armed Security-Services.

The Association 德國洪家拳武術會

The Hung Gar Kuen Martial Arts Association Germany under guidance of Sifu Hagen Bluck represents the lineage Wong Fei Hung 黃飛鴻 - Wong Sai Wing 黃世榮 - Leung Zai Yuk (also known as Wong Yuk) 梁齊玉 (黃玉)- Huynh Lu Yang 黃鹿樣. The Hung Gar Kuen Martial Arts Association Germany was founded in 1994 from Grandmaster Huynh Lu Yang. His Mission is to develop the old traditional Hung Kuen from its origin. Sifu Hagen Bluck was instructed from his master to teach this old techniques and forms to his students to save that old legacy for further generations.

只要功夫深 鐵杵磨成針

zhi yao gong fu shen tie zhu mo cheng zhen

"If you work hard enough, you can grind an iron rod to a needle"



Copyright Hung Gar Kuen Martial Arts Association Germany Sifu Hagen Bluck


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