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BO CHI LAM was once the name of the legendary healing institut of Wong Kei Ying 黃 麒 英 and Wong Fei Hung 黃 飛 鴻, in wich Hung Gar Kuen was taught, too.

BO CHI LAM means "Wood/Forest of precious herbs".


寶 BO = noble, precious

芝 CHI = Herbs

林 LAM = Forest/Wood

Bo Chi Lam was an exemplary institute, were many people found medical assistance and help. In Bo Chi Lam Wong Kei Ying and Wong Fei Hung taught also Hung Har Kuen to improve health.

Wong Kei Ying and Wong Fei Hung himself was known for five virtues:


- Humanity 仁

- Honesty 誠

- Wisdom 智

- Courage 勇

- Discipline 德

Wong Kei Ying and Wong Fei Hung has taught moral principles that known as Mo Duk (Wu De) 武 德:


- Modesty 谦

- Patience 忍

- Honor and Respect 尊 畏

- Loyality 忠

- Humanity 仁

- Righteousness 義

- Honesty 誠

- Peacefulness 寧

BO CHI LAM Hung Kuen Guan 寶芝林洪拳館

Sifu Hagen Bluck leads his BO CHI LAM Hung Kuen Guan 寶芝林洪拳館 with the same moral values like Wong Kei Ying and Wong Fei Hung.

Chan - Daoist Center 禪-道中心

Sifu Hagen Bluck is confessing Daoist and he walks the way of philosophy according to the teachings of Lao Zi 老子 and Dao De Jing 道德經. He is searching for harmony with himself and the world. In BO CHI LAM school (= Daoist Center) he'd like to share this harmony with all. This doctrine is reflected in his whole training concept. Sifu Hagen Bluck emphasizes the unity of body, mind and spirit. Daoist Studies

=>See also Dao De Jing (translated by Sifu Hagen Bluck)


"If everyone raise one finger, we can archieve everything" (like once Hung Hei Guan, called all chinese people to cohesion against the suppression of the Qing. They used the hand position Dan Ji Sao 單指手 (One Finger Hand) which means; one for all, all for one.)


Hung Gar Kuen and Daoism together?

As we know, daoism (simply explained), is the harmony between Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang belonges together. Yin creates Yang and Yang creates Yin. For example; Light generates Darkness (Shadow), tall produces small, from right side you can go left side, etc. Everything has two sides and yet all is one.

Now we look at Hung Gar Kuen:

The essential feature of Hung Gar Kuen is the duality of hard (Yang/Yeung 陽) and soft (Yin/Yam 陰). Hard 剛 is represented by the Tiger 虎 and soft 柔 by the Crane 鶴. With this combination of Yin und Yang Hung Gar Kung Fu is one of the most perfect systems in the chinese martial arts. And this is the basic of daoism. If you exercise only the soft side or only the hard side, it is only half the truth. Only with both sides, only this combination of Hard (Tiger) and Soft (Crane) makes Hung Gar Kuen such a perfect system.

Hung Gar Kuen also includes the Five Elements 五 行 (Wood 木, Fire 火, Earth 土, Metal 金, Water 水). These Elements are also essential components of daoism 道家.

A student who learn Hung Gar Kuen, begins with the basic techniques of Shaolin Boxing to strengthen his body. Later he works with the dualistic principle of hard and soft (Ying and Yang), with the Tiger and Crane Combination Fist (虎鶴雙形拳). After mastering this step, he learns the Five Animal and Five Element Fist and with them the knowledge of the transformation and application of the Five Elements. Finally he learns with Tit Sin Kuen 鐵線拳 to work with his internal energy and to lead them through his body and to his internal organs. Now, the cycle is complete. He has moved from hard to soft.


Scheme of Hung Gar Kuen:

1) you will be hard 一剛

2) you will be harder 二更剛

3) you will be soft 三柔


Copyright Hung Gar Kuen Martial Arts Association Germany Sifu Hagen Bluck


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